Preventing Social Isolation


Freedom Alliance has been working with the U.S. Military and veterans for 30 years. We have learned that many struggle when they isolate. Considering the current “stay at home” orders in nearly every state, we know many of these heroes will need help to get through the challenge of social isolation.

Americans  don’t like being stuck in their homes. Those who suffer with Post-Traumatic Stress are particularly at risk. Being forced into isolation can lead some into a dark place where they lean on alcohol and drugs to cope with the added stress. Some may even consider self-harm.

It is vital that an active line of communication be established with these individuals. At the start of the pandemic, to mitigate the effects of these self-isolate orders,  Freedom Alliance immediately activated our “buddy check” project and members of our team have been personally connecting with veterans  who are at risk.

This is important because many affected by this issue will not reach out for help. We have to go to them. Additionally, we’ve challenged veterans who are doing well to reach out to their comrades-in-arms and check on them.

This project is helping troops who are vulnerable to social isolation and saving lives. We have helped counsel veterans who are struggling and connected them with professionals who will get them through this tough time.

Additionally, Freedom Alliance is preparing for a surge in demand for our recreational therapy programs once the stay at home orders have been lifted. These veterans will need the company, guidance, and counseling of their fellow war fighters – and we’ll be ready to facilitate that need.

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