Col. North on MOAB

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Please watch this video of Colonel North on Fox News.

In it, he discusses some of the events surrounding the April 13th bombing of Afghanistan-located ISIS targets.

At 7:32 Afghanistan time, the U.S. Military dropped America’s most powerful non-nuclear bomb (the GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Air Blast Bomb), targeting a network of ISIS underground tunnels used to stage attacks against allied Afghani forces. The strike was successful; it destroyed three underground tunnels, killed 94 ISIS fighters, and harmed no civilians.

Colonel North explains why a renewed trust between the Commander-in-Chief and forces on the ground is so important for military effectiveness, efficiency, and morale, especially when it comes to significant decisions such the Afghanistan attack on ISIS.

Freedom Alliance is encouraged by this demonstration of our Armed Forces’ solidarity, and are optimistic that President Trump will continue to work in America’s best interests.

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