CPAC 2011: Warning on China’s Power over US Economy

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In a panel discussion, moderated by Freedom Alliance President Tom Kilgannon, on “The New Nuclear Threat: China and North Korea” panelists specifically addressed the rising threat from China beyond their nuclear capabilities, reminding conference attendees that China holds almost $2 trillion of America’s debt.

“While we focused on bringing democracy to the world and diversity to our campuses and companies, China focused squarely on its own self interest and developing and asserting its global power,” said Mallory Factor, an American businessman and writer for Forbes.com. “Recently China’s leaders questioned our credit worthiness as a nation.”

Factor warned that the global demand for dollars could crash simply through a Chinese boycott of our currency.

Phyllis Schlafly, an author, lawyer and well known conservative activist was a crowd favorite receiving warm applause on many occasions.

“China is not a just a trading partner who manufactures cheap good that’s you buy at Wal-Mart,” said Schlafly.

Schlafly spoke to the crowd about Chinese intellectual-property abuses in which US products can not be sold in China unless those particular US companies give China their current patents, research and development secrets of new products. “China has no plans to be a market for US products. China’s principle imports are and will continue to be US Jobs,” said Schlafly.

Schlafly stressed that there was nothing free or fair going on with our trade with China. “It is a trade war between a militantly protectionist, communist government and the US that is shackled by illusions of free trade.”

“You can’t have free trade with a dictatorship that is the worlds worst human rights abuser,” said Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R.-Ca), also a panelist.   “…when you try to have free trade with a dictatorship, that dictatorship manipulates the rules so there is a transfer of wealth and power to that society…Surprise, surprise, we have witnessed a mammoth transfer of wealth and power from the United States to China.”

A question from the audience asked the panelists if they were suggesting that we start regulating businesses who are acting in their best interest.  “How is placing Liberal trade policies on these companies, prohibiting them from trading with China, going to effect the American economy in the long run…?” asked the CPAC attendee.

“I never suggested regulating our businesses,” answered Factor. “What I suggested is that the fault lies in our Government spending. Huge amounts of spending and huge amounts of borrowing. That is what gives China the upper hand on us.

“This panel showed why America’s national debt is such an important topic and why it needs to be addressed by serious people,” said Kilgannon. “Unfortunately, Barack Obama — who said he’d be happy being a one term president if he could solve serious problems —  is looting the country for his party’s political gain rather than addressing the issue as a statesman would. Apparently the Air Force One aphrodisiac has hit him hard”

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