Freedom Alliance Condemns Professor’s Attack on Troops

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This week, Professor Michael Avery of Suffolk University in Boston wrote in an email that it is “shameful” for the students and staff of Suffolk University to “support [the] men and women who have gone overseas to kill other human beings.”

He also said that sympathy for American troops is “not particularly rational in today’s world,” and criticized university officials for allowing an American flag to hang in the atrium of one of the university’s buildings. His bigotry toward our military and anti-American sentiments were voiced in the wake of Veteran’s Day and just before our nation celebrates a national day of Thanksgiving.

To make things worse, officials at Suffolk University refused to condemn Professor Avery’s hateful attacks on those who serve our country. Barry Brown, Suffolk’s Acting President and Provost issued a statement highlighting the university’s “history of supporting the free exchange of ideas and robust debate.” Camille Nelson, the Dean of Suffolk’s Law School defended the right of professors to “have divergent viewpoints.”

Exercising his First Amendment rights, Freedom Alliance President Tom Kilgannon commented:

“Let us bring some clarity to this issue. Professor Avery is hateful and bigoted toward young men and women who serve in America’s Armed Forces. He lied about them and impugned their character by calling them murderers. His comments are despicable and I condemn them.

“I also condemn President Barry Brown and Dean Nelson for their craven responses to Professor Avery. They had their opportunity to condemn these vile remarks but chose instead to wrap Professor Avery’s hate in First Amendment parchment and celebrate it.
Unfortunately this type of behavior is something that we have come to expect from educational institutions in America, and that is why Freedom Alliance teaches America’s youth how grateful they should be for the men and women who sacrifice for our country.

Freedom Alliance’s Military Leadership Academy teaches students practical leadership training, helping them to form a greater respect for our Armed Forces. Since the program’s inception over ten years ago, over 1,200 students have graduated with improved leadership skills and many have gone on to serve our country in uniform.

The success of these young leaders is a direct result of your support. It’s time to fight for the next generation. Professors like Michael Avery seek to erode the values and integrity of young students, and work to destroy the honor and respect owed our brave men and women in uniform.

With your help, Freedom Alliance will continue to train the next generation to be leaders of integrity and honor.

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