Radical Islamism: What to do?

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The terror attacks at a Manchester concert on May 22nd, as well as on London Bridge on June 2nd, have left the United Kingdom government and citizens reeling in their wake. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS, or ISIL) have recently claimed credit for the London Bridge attack, further heightening the concerns over the global impact of radical Islam.

The mere fact that ISIS chose to claim credit for the London attack does not necessarily mean that they are, in fact, responsible for it; last week, ISIS claimed credit for a shooting in the Philippines with which—it was later discovered—they had nothing to do. However, even if ISIS is not directly responsible for the recent tragedies, there remains the danger of the encouraged radicalization and empowerment of “Lone Wolf” operators. We saw this occur in the instance of British national Khalid Masood, the man responsible for the Westminster Bridge attack in March.

When it comes to terrorism and the effects of Islamism across the western world, reactionary strategies and policies are insufficient. In order to ensure the safety of its citizens, the United States must take proactive steps to curb the spread of Islamism, and to prevent radicalization within its own borders.

Lt. Col. Oliver North, in a new video on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” outlines key steps that he sees as crucial to America’s continued security.

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