Response to President Obama’s Libya Speech

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Statement of Thomas P. Kilgannon
President, Freedom Alliance

Dulles, Virginia – Last night President Obama spoke to the nation in an attempt to justify the American interest in Libya. He failed miserably. The President also explained the process by which the U.S. military came to be engaged in hostile action against a foreign regime. In doing so, he showed how he ignored the Constitution and failed to uphold his Oath of Office.

In his speech, the President detailed actions already undertaken by the United States in Libya: “We struck regime forces…We hit Qaddafi’s troops…We hit Qaddafi’s air defenses…We targeted tanks and military assets…and we cut off much of their source of supply.”

These are acts of war. The United States is conducting a war that was decided and initiated by one man – Barack Obama. This is not how our Republic works. The solemn duty of sending young Americans to a war zone is a responsibility in which Congress plays a vital role and the President ignored them.

He said his actions were authorized by the United Nations and approved by the international community. Our self-professed “citizen of the world” was dismissive of the Congress and indifferent to his constitutional requirements. He showed that he was uninterested in the concerns expressed by the American public.

With his actions in Libya, Barack Obama is pushing the boundaries of the presidency in ways that make him less accountable to the other branches of government and less accountable to the American public. This is not a time for congressional passivity.

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