Syria: Conflicts Between Russia and the U.S.

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The war in Syria is not a simple matter of two sides battling each other for dominance; multiple factions, backed by multiple international parties, have constantly sought to undermine each other for control in the region.

In fact, even though no major countries have come to direct military conflict on the ground, many have called the Syrian conflict a “proxy war” between the United States and Russia.

This geo-political nightmare has proven itself to be especially harrowing in the last couple of months; so harrowing, in fact, that you may recall that U.S. forces were compelled to authorize a first-ever bombing strike against the Syrian regime in May. This, of course, occurred only one month after President Trump authorized a missile strike against the Homs Syrian airbase in April.

Not all the conflict involves grounded targets, however: On June 18th, a US plane shot down a Syrian aircraft that attacked U.S.-backed fighters. Two days later, the U.S. destroyed an Iranian armed drone over Syria. And on that same day, an armed Russian jet buzzed past a U.S. reconnaissance jet, coming within 5 feet of colliding with our aircraft.

In recollecting these events, Lt. Col. Oliver North suggests that these are signs of Vladimir Putin’s desperation to maintain authority in the region. You can watch this video here: http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/5477670016001/? – sp=show-clips

The fight to maintain U.S. international interests will not be won easily; Freedom Alliance will continue its efforts as long as the fight continues.

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