Freedom Alliance Center for Sovereignty & Security

Through our Center for Sovereignty & Security, Freedom Alliance protects America’s sovereignty, strengthens our national security and preserves constitutional government.

Freedom Alliance is unique in that we address national security from both a policy and personnel point of view. Effective foreign and military policies are protective of America’s sovereignty; grounded in Constitutional principles; and mindful of the long-term consequences on the individuals who must carry them out, should armed conflict become necessary.

Freedom Alliance challenges the United Nations and global institutions which try to undermine the health of our Republic. We advocate for a strong national security and a military that is prepared to meet the challenges of an increasingly dangerous world. We are committed to restoring American pride and prestige at home and around the world.

We challenge the United Nations on their own turf by sending representatives to UN conferences across the globe to expose their anti-Americanism. We’ve sent representatives to the International Conference on Finance and Development in Mexico; the World Summit on Economic Development in South Africa; the International Criminal Court (ICC) Conference in Uganda; and the Durban Review Conference on Racism in Switzerland; and numerous openings of the UN’s General Assembly in New York City.

Freedom Alliance identifies threats to our sovereignty and security and proposes solutions. Many of the threats are obvious:

  • International government continues to grow, demanding more from U.S. taxpayers and exerting influence over U.S. affairs.
  • Congress and the President increasingly turn to the United Nations for permission to conduct U.S. military affairs.
  • America’s Armed Forces are a test lab for radical social experimentation.
  • Our military is at its smallest size since World War II.
  • The United States is neither feared nor respected on the world stage as we once were.
  • We are hopelessly entangled in our history’s longest war with no vision for victory.

To help us reverse these trends and secure victory on these fronts, please make a contribution to Freedom Alliance by visiting www.freedomalliance.org/donate.

Over the years, Freedom Alliance has led the fight or played a significant role in these great achievements:

  • Defeat of the UN’s International Tax Office
  • S. Withdrawal from the International Criminal Court
  • American Service Members Protection Act (ASPA) Signed Into Law
  • Prevent Ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty
  • Exposed UN plans for an International Arms Trade Treaty
  • Creation of the Congressional Sovereignty Caucus
  • Defend military chaplains who are threatened with career-ending punishments for expressing their faith in a politically correct environment.
  • Protect military heroes with distinguished service records from scurrilous charges.
  • Support Air Force Academy cadets disciplined for expressing their Christian faith.
  • Made a major contribution to the defense fund of Andrew Tahmooressi, an honorable U.S. Marine who was wrongfully imprisoned in Mexico.

And we are proud of our association with LtCol Oliver North, a U.S. Marine and American Hero who has been embedded with 55 U.S. and Allied combat units and delivered exclusive reports from the War on Terror for the Fox News Channel.

You can help Freedom Alliance further this record of accomplishment by participating with us in these exceptional events and conferences.

  • Army-Navy Weekend Conference: this event takes place each December when we celebrate the individuals, ideas and institutions which make America great.
  • Freedom Cruise & Conference: This conference is typically 7-10 days with dozens of educational presentations on American sovereignty, U.S. military and foreign policy; constitutional government; current events and much more.
  • Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC): Freedom Alliance is a co-sponsor of CPAC which attracts over 10,000 activists each year highlighting hundreds of policy experts.

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