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Give now and receive your special gift as our way of saying “Thanks!”

Because of the generous support of patriots like you, Freedom Alliance is able to provide our military and their families with the support they need. Now, for a limited time only with your generous gift, we are offering you the opportunity to display your support of our military with a Freedom Alliance jacket and Semper Fi T-shirt. For a gift of $35, $50, $75 or more, you will receive a “Semper Fi, It’s a way of life” T-shirt. And for your generous gift of $150 or more, you will receive BOTH the T-shirt and a Freedom Alliance jacket! Your support of our troops and their families deserves recognition. So wear them with pride, and show your support for our heroes in uniform!

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Please click below to make your gift today. Remember, it is 100% tax-deductible. Any amount will help our military and their families with the support they need.

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Help Freedom Alliance Honor Military Service