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Throughout the past decade, we’ve seen an impact made in wounded servicemembers from providing stress-free, high adventure outings centered on an exciting activity like fishing. Freedom Alliance has gained a reputation within the combat veteran community for our incredible events and retreats in the outdoors.

Recent and older research shows that recreational outings are therapeutic on a variety of levels from reduced stress/anxiety, shared camaraderie, and feelings of being part of something greater than oneself.  However, time and again we’ve seen those “highs” fade with time in our participants.

Moving forward, we’ve resolved to do what we do best – orchestrate a positive memorable experience – and add a series of talks developed by psychotherapist Dr. Ed Tick (author of Warrior’s Return) who has over 40 years of working with veterans on moral wounding.  Our model now combines small groups of veterans participating in a high adventure activity in a picturesque environment with a series of structured talks to promote lasting well-being.  In short, a formula for maximum, life-changing impact.  We have a great base of support, but we need your help!

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