Scholarship Spotlight: Alicia Kiser

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Staff Sergeant Charles Kiser gave his life in Mosul, Iraq on June 24, 2004. An Army Reserve soldier with the 330thMilitary Police Detachment, SSG Kiser was killed when his unit was ambushed by Iraqi insurgents.

Kiser was a champion sprinter in high school and served in the military for 16 years in both the Navy and the Army.

Chuck really believed in the mission in Iraq. He loved his country… He loved to see the children in Iraq who used to follow the soldiers around. He felt his mission was to see that they have a free place to grow up,” is how Bill Grannen described his brother-in-law.

His daughter Alicia was 13 years old when she lost her father. Last August, she began her studies at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh and also received her first scholarship from Freedom Alliance. Alicia is studying Physical Education and desires to become a teacher.

Her father’s influence taught her to live each day to its fullest and inspired her to want to become a teacher.

“He showed me how to stand up for my beliefs and never let anyone push me around. When he left for Iraq, he was proud of what he was doing. He taught me almost everything I know,” she said. “I am going with the determination and love that I have received from my father and hope [to] help many children.”

Alicia is eligible to renew her scholarship for each year in college, and her brother Mark, who was only 10 when their father was killed, will be eligible for a scholarship when he goes to college.

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