Scholarship Spotlight: Jerry Flores of Mission Texas

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Jerry Flores, a new Freedom Alliance Scholarship recipient, just started his first year at the University of Texas Pan American where he is studying mechanical engineering.

Jerry’s father Sergeant Ernesto Flores Jr. served in the Army and was exposed to Agent Orange while stationed in La-kei, Vietnam. The U.S. Military used Agent Orange in Vietnam as a defoliant, clearing out the jungles of South East Asia in order to deprive guerrillas of cover. Because of his contact with Agent Orange SGT Flores was diagnosed with diabetes, heart problems and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He struggles with constant pain due to the exposure and is 100% permanently disabled.

“My father raised me to set goals, meet them and then surpass them,” Jerry wrote in his essay to Freedom Alliance. “He always told me and still tells me never to strive for the minimum and always go and show the world what you can do.”

Jerry graduated from Veterans Memorial High school in Mission, TX where he played golf and was in the National Honors Society. He also volunteered with his church doing community service.

By providing a scholarship to his son, Freedom Alliance is pleased to honor SGT Flores and all like him who have been injured in service to our country.

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