Scholarship Spotlight: Matt Spellacy

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Matt, of Columbus, Ohio, is a junior at Ohio State University where he is majoring in Engineering. Matt, as well as his sister, Amy, and brother, Michael, are all Freedom Alliance scholarship recipients. Matt’s father, Captain David M. Spellacy, was a member of the United States Marine Corps and was killed when his plane was shot down during Operation Desert Storm.  CPT Spellacy was awarded the Purple Heart as a result of his service to our country.

Earlier this week, Matt sent Freedom Alliance this email: “I’ll take this time to tell you that my family and I are EXTREMELY impressed with the services you guys have provided us thus far and are very thankful for all you have done for us – you guys have made this more than simply a check in the mail and we couldn’t be happier to be involved with Freedom Alliance.”

Matt and his sister Amy will be our guests this weekend at the Freedom Concert at Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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