Join Freedom Alliance and the National Rifle Association as we honor American heroes of the Greatest Generation on an exclusive charter cruise to Normandy, France.

We will visit the beaches where these young men came ashore and see where they sacrificed for the century’s greatest cause. We will stand where President Ronald Reagan stood and said of them:

“These are the boys of Pointe du Hoc. These are the men who took the cliffs. These are the champions who helped free a continent. These are the heroes who helped end a war.” 

We invite you to sail with us on an amazing journey celebrating patriots and America’s history of service and sacrifice.

Freedom Alliance and the National Rifle Association set sail August 9-16, 2018, from Paris, France for a 7-day round-trip voyage on the privately chartered AmaLyra. We will cruise the Seine River and along the way, visit the beautiful French towns of Vernon, Caudebec-En-Caux, Rouen and Les Andelys before returning to Paris.

All-inclusive excursions, amazing views and a landscape rich with history are waiting for you in each port. You’ll enjoy fine dining, luxury accommodations, great entertainment, informative seminars and the company of fellow conservatives.

We would love for you to join us, so sign up today. Thank you, we’ll see you on board!

On the Freedom Cruise, Freedom Alliance brings together leaders who have served at the highest levels of government, military, industry and journalism to share their experiences and debate the most pressing issues facing our nation.

This is not your typical cruise.

Guests on board the Freedom Cruise enjoy lively and informative seminars and extensive interaction with our conference participants. We host numerous events onboard and off the ship to learn about the history and culture of the magnificent countries we visit. Dinner provides opportunity for personal conversation with our VIP guests and a wonderful camaraderie.

Each Freedom Cruise is a new adventure and an opportunity to learn how Americans have positively impacted other parts of the world. We’ve visited Russia and the Baltic states to study U.S. policies that won the Cold War. We’ve explored the island of Grenada to learn how President Reagan saved American medical students from anti-government violence.

We’ve honored World War II heroes at Pearl Harbor, visited our Canadian allies in Montreal and learned first-hand how demographic changes are influencing European nations.

Each Freedom Cruise is a new and amazing experience of history, scholarship, friendship and patriotism, and includes:

  • Panel discussions and lectures featuring distinguished guest speakers, authors and experts with plenty of time for questions and answers.
  • Chances for personal interaction with our special guests.
  • Exclusive receptions and dining with our conference participants.
  • Amazing on-board accommodations & meals prepared by world class chefs.
  • Fun and enjoyable shipboard activities.
  • A fully escorted cruise.
  • And much more…

Details on the next Freedom Cruise will be announced via email and posted here. Be among the first to know by signing up for email updates.

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Oliver North with Freedom Alliance Scholarship Recipients on the Freedom Cruise
The Freedom Cruise features a line of of notable and accomplished speakers.

Previous Freedom Cruise Sailings

2016 – The Danube River, Europe

A view of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada at night from the St. Laurence River.

2013 – St. Lawrence River, Canada / New England

A view of the cruise port and Bay Area of St. Thomas

2011 – Caribbean

The Church of the Savior on Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia.

2009 – Baltic Sea

On the Western European Freedom Cruise visited Monte Carlo

2007 – Western Mediterranean

The white buildings of Santorini Greece overlooking the beautiful sea.

2006 – Eastern Mediterranean

The Freedom Cruise sailed the Hawaiian Islands in 2006

2004 – Hawaiian Islands

The 2003 Freedom Cruise sailed to Grenada

2003 – Southern Caribbean

A Holland America ship sails Glacier Bay.

2000 – Alaska

The Freedom Cruise sailed to beautiful San Juan.

1999 – Eastern Caribbean

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