Another Stellar Night for Cigar Club

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Freedom Alliance’s San Diego Cigar Club found an additional “Few Good Men” to join this month.

Lieutenant Colonel Christian, commanding officer of Second Battalion, Eleventh Marines, of Pendleton, California, met with the cigar club for the first time:

“It was good watching the guys enjoy themselves and really come out of their shells. We spent about two and a half hours together and covered many topics, including sports, cars, and deeper things, like plans for the future. Some are still adjusting but positive about getting out and starting over.”

He was so enthusiastic that he paid his own ticket and a portion of the whole as well. Christian was also impressed with the venue.

“The owner of Habonos was fantastic,” he said, “very attentive and [he] created a very welcoming atmosphere. He really takes care of these guys.”

The cigar club means a lot to the wounded Marines in the area.

“After a long day, it’s always nice to unwind with friends,” said one such Marine. A double amputee, Carlos had just completed his first “mud run,” a challenging and dirty obstacle race. He said that it was hot and he was in pain, but despite the challenges, he was determined to finish so he could tell the other guys all about it on this night.

While the men go out for their cigars, the rest of their families meet at the home of a Freedom Alliance team member. Here the women get to talk and the kids play, and when the Marines rendezvous after their cigars, it’s an all-out party. The camaraderie was so remarkable during this most recent gathering that the folks decided to meet again the following Sunday for pizza and football.

This Freedom Alliance tradition, which was intended to facilitate bonds between injured combat vets, has certainly turned into an all-inclusive family event!

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