Bathroom Remodel For Injured Veteran

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A highly decorated and medically retired soldier was recently given a bathroom remodeling from Freedom Alliance, through a grant from Home Depot.

Volunteers from Home Depot spent a week at Staff Sergeant Jeremy’s home in Mission, Texas, demolishing the old bathroom and building the new one. The workers installed new tile, cabinets, safety rails, and shower assist bars, as well as a new lower entrance to the shower.

These improvements will allow greater ease for Jeremy, who is handicapped from an incident in 2011.

During his squadron’s second deployment to Afghanistan, Jeremy served as senior scout, conducting more than 100 Quick Reaction Force missions. One of these missions involved recovering a lost unit.

On the way, his convoy encountered an explosive, which crashed and overturned his vehicle. Jeremy’s captain found him checking on his driver and gunner, unaware of his own serious injuries.

As he was carried away from the accident, he apologized for being unable to carry out his mission. His captain said, “You did your mission—your crew and troops are alive.”

He was evacuated to Brooke Army Medical Hospital in San Antonio, Texas, where he underwent intensive therapy for his heel bone fractures. Doctors were not certain whether Jeremy would ever walk again, and yet, with the aid of special braces, today he can run!

Consistently identified as a high achiever and an excellent leader, Jeremy’s photograph was displayed by his platoon as a reminder to never give up. His captain says that during times of danger, Jeremy’s “courage and quick thinking helped save the lives of other troop members.”

To honor him and his incredible military record, including the completion of hundreds of missions in the most dangerous territory of the warfront, Freedom Alliance was proud to give this Home Depot renovation to Jeremy and his family.

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