Donors Enable Freedom Alliance to Make a Difference in Soldiers’ Lives

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A representative from Freedom Alliance recently attended the annual Sportmen’s Expo in Denver to personally thank our donors, who worked with us at affordable rates to offer troops such excursions as fishing in Alaska and elk hunting in Colorado. Just our being there resulted in more donations, as other outfitters were keen to join with us!


And although the events calendar is bursting, it was heartening to see people wanting to give back to those who give so much to protect us. All the initial donors wish to coordinate with Freedom Alliance again this year.


After the exposition, we took a service member out to dinner to get to know him better. Greg is a single dad of three kids, aged five and under, and he’s got an incredible story of survival.


Unbeknownst to Greg, his heart rhythm had been disrupted by over-exposure to explosions during overseas combat deployment. One evening after he’d come home, he was mowing the lawn when his heart stopped.


It was 11 minutes before medics were able to bring him back from death. Even so, doctors never expected Greg to recover after his brain and other organs shut down.


But he did. Today he is fully functioning and grateful for his second chance at life. He has counseled at hospitals and given inspirational talks at events across the country.


Freedom Alliance is the only support organization that has reached out to Greg, and our relationship is mutually beneficial.


Being able to make a difference in a service member’s life and family is what keeps us going. Hearing the stories and seeing the smiles makes us know that what Freedom Alliance does is worthwhile. We offer so much more than a trip or a meal or a hand-out—we offer relationship.


If you feel grateful and want to reach out to a recovering combat veteran, click below to partner with Freedom Alliance. Some very great and encouraging things are happening here as we build these relationships, and you can be an integral part of it.

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