Dove Hunt with Oliver North

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North Dove Hunt 2 Freedom Alliance’s co-founder, Lt. Col. Oliver North, welcomed five servicemen to a dove hunt in September. Four Marines and one Soldier, some active-duty and some medically retired, joined the Colonel in Inwood, West Virginia, on an ideal day for hunting.

We sent along a special agent from our headquarters; Bruno is a wounded Marine who suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the line of duty and who now works part-time at Freedom Alliance. (One of Bruno’s jobs for the Corps was to help carry caskets at the funerals of his fellow Marines.)

“I am very grateful that Freedom Alliance let me be a representative,” he said. “This means a lot to me and speaks volumes to what Freedom Alliance is about to this Veteran with a TBI.”

We are extremely proud to have this outstanding Marine attend and organize events on behalf of Freedom Alliance. This was his first time assisting as a team member, and his presence and perspective as a veteran are quite valuable to us.

North Dove Hunt 4

Bruno spoke very favorably about the hunt. Despite a slow start, everyone caught doves that afternoon, and the weather was comfortably cool with cloudy skies.

Furthermore, he raved about the picnic lunch, which was quite a spread: friend chicken, barbecue sandwiches, pasta and potato salads, and more.

Colonel North’s friend, Zane Markowitz, is the owner ZNM Shooting Sports and the Virginia state champion in skeet shooting (since 1985!). Markowitz gave instruction to Bruno, who was hunting for the first time.

In fact, this event is a prime model for the Support Our Troops effort, in which civilians, neighbors, veterans, and donors come together to help one another and have a smashing-good time.

North Dove Hunt 1

Just ask Bruno, who assured us, “The dove hunting trip was a big success!”

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