Freedom Alliance and Unisys Send 260 Care Packages Overseas

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Employees of Unisys, a worldwide information technology company located in Reston, Virginia, have assembled over 260 care packages to be sent to U.S. troops deployed to combat areas.

A Unisys employee, Linda Martin, was inspired to lead the effort after seeing another Freedom Alliance care package drive conducted by several Chik-Fil-A restaurants in the area.

The contents of these care packages typically include various hygiene products, snacks, magazines, books, and notes of encouragement. These “Gifts From Home” are greatly treasured by those on the receiving end.

“Over the last few months we have had great success, not only in participation at our facilities here at Plaza America and throughout the metro area, but also at a number of our more distant locations across the country,” said Mike Sierra of Unisys, who has coordinated the care package drives.

Since January 2011 Freedom Alliance has sent out more than 3,000 care packages to our brave men and women serving overseas. This would not be possible without help from local organizations and corporations that sponsor their own care package drives, such as Unisys.

“Freedom Alliance is proud to partner with the employees of Unisys. These ‘Gifts From Home’ Packages are very much needed and appreciated by Americans who are far from home and sacrificing for our country,” said Thomas Kilgannon, President of Freedom Alliance. “It is one small way to thank them for what they do.”

After receiving care packages from Unisys, MSgt Joel Weber wrote on behalf of his unit of Marines, “I want to thank you so very much for your care packages.  It meant a lot to us that someone back home cares enough to send a little happiness our way (actually you sent a lot)…very thoughtful and very appreciative.”

Not only has Unisys participated in care package drives, but they have also donated their time and money to support countless causes including drives for local food banks, winter clothing for homeless shelters, backpacks and toys for needy children, as well as natural disaster relief efforts.

“Our efforts are ongoing and make a real difference in both the lives of our employees and the people beyond our doors,” states Mike.

Freedom Alliance hopes to continue working with Unisys to provide brave men and women with the luxuries of home that are so hard to come by in a war zone.

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