Freedom Alliance Attends EFMP Party

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Freedom Alliance attended a Christmas party at Camp Pendleton for the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP). The EFMP is a service for family members dealing with a physical, emotional, intellectual, or developmental disorder. It may be a medical or an educational disability.

As well as caring for a special needs family member, these families must often endure long absences without a husband and father when their Marine is deployed overseas.

EFMP families particularly enjoy special events made just for them, because they are such rare opportunities—a carefree gathering of folks who all face the same challenges. There happened to be four hundred families in attendance at this Christmas party in San Diego County!

As a sponsor of the party, Freedom Alliance sent representatives, including president of the organization, Tom Kilgannon, who were able to meet with families and provide photos with Santa Claus for the children.

EFMP Xmas 3

Brig. Gen. John W. Bullard, Jr., was present at the event and gave the opening remarks. The EMFP is obviously a program that is important to the base, and in fact, we heard that there was even a wait list of folks waiting to be accepted to attend the party.

With funding down for the EFMP, it is especially important that organizations like Freedom Alliance be able to provide donations for fun activities. We are more than happy to support military families, especially those who are struggling, and thanks to voluntary contributions, we can do just that.

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