Freedom Alliance Donates to Brain Fitness Computer Program

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As a way to contribute during the giving season, Freedom Alliance purchased licenses for a neuroplasticity-based software to be used for the Brain Fitness Center (BFC) at the VA hospital in Richmond, Virginia. The Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center is creating a computer lab—the BFC—to provide cognitive therapy to patients demonstrating a wide variety of injuries.


Neuroplasticity is a term used to describe the new connections in the brain that come about when there are other changes, such as damage to the physical body. Of course, many service members returning from combat suffer from bodily harm, and the VA hospital sees a lot of brain injuries.


This BFC software will be used to help train patients’ brains to make new neural connections, a way in which the brain heals itself (i.e., neuroplasticity).


The Brain Fitness Center is meant to complement the other therapies offered in the rehabilitation clinics. Each patient in the clinic uses a license, or subscription, to participate in the software program.


Heidi Bassani, the speech-language pathologist at Hunter Holmes McGuire, explained the benefits:


“By offering a patient unlimited use for at least a year, we can provide services beyond our clinic. When patients are discharged and transferred home, often to remote locations with fewer services, they can continue the use of the program.”


We believe that our military veterans deserve the best care available, and the therapy provided by the BFC will make further healing possible for those suffering from injury.

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