Freedom Alliance Graduate Spotlight

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Danielle Pryor

Drexel University

Army Major John P. Pryor, was a trauma and critical care surgeon in Philadelphia before he joined the Army Reserves. He served his first tour in Iraq in 2004, and began a second deployment in December 2008 to Mosul, Iraq. On Christmas morning, his base came under fire from insurgents and Major Pryor was killed when a mortar round impacted near his living quarters. He was 42. 

His daughter Danielle, a 2020 Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund graduate told us, 

“My father’s service inspired me to choose a study and career path that is dedicated to helping others through medicine. Through medicine, he was able to help the nation by saving soldiers who were hurt by actively fighting.” She added, “His dedication and sacrifice to his nation and those who were hurt as a consequence of the war showed me how to be selfless; especially in a time of need.”

With the assistance of the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund, Danielle attended Drexel University and completed an undergraduate degree in Public Health. She was then accepted into the accelerated Masters one year program where she will pursue an MPH in epidemiology in the coming year. 

Ryan Wood

Harvard University

Ryan Wood graduated this year with a degree from Harvard University where he studied statistics and electrical engineering.

Ryan lost his father, Air Force Major William Wood, two years after his return from deployment to the Middle East. MAJ Wood tragically never recovered from his wounds of war. Ryan was only six years old when he passed. He treasures memories of his father reading bedtime stories to him and his brother.

 Ryan told us:

“Throughout my whole life, I have strived to surround myself with people who inspire me to work harder and achieve difficult goals. Freedom Alliance and its donors’ generosity is one thing which inspires me to work hard in my studies. In the future I hope to start my own company, and receiving a Freedom Alliance Scholarship enables me and encourages me to do my best in chasing that dream.”

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