Freedom Alliance Helps Marines Enjoy Birthday Ball

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On Wednesday, November 10th the 7th Marines headquarters battery celebrated the 235th birthday of the Marine Corps at their birthday ball at Harrah’s Hotel in Las Vegas.
The 7th Marines headquarters battery, based out of Twentynine Palms, California, had just returned in October after being deployed for a year in Afghanistan. During that year they were unable to raise funds for the 2010 Ball — a process which starts almost immediately after the previous year’s ball.

What the battery found itself most in need of was child care, an expensive but very necessary accommodation, particularly when families are traveling to attend the ball.  Freedom Alliance sponsored the child care for the Marines’ children.

“You have no idea how much it means to us that Freedom Alliance covered the child care. We have a professional organization that is caring for the children of the 7th Marines’ children while their parents enjoy the birthday ball. I cannot tell you what a hole this dug us out of and how much it means,” said SgtMaj Michael Kufchak

The childcare service set up three separate rooms for the children all according to age. In each of the rooms were activities, toys, movies and even portable cribs and playpens so the little ones could go to sleep.

The children even had their own pizza, cookies, games and prizes that were provided in addition to the items already present in each room to enjoy.

During the ceremony the regiment colonel, Col Randy Newman, thanked Freedom Alliance for their support.

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