Freedom Alliance Supports Navy Carrier and Submariners on West Coast

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USS John C. Stennis Troop Dinner

On April 15, Freedom Alliance honored 67 sailors from the USS John C. Stennis for a private dinner at the Clubhouse at McCormick Woods near Bremerton, Washington, the Stennis’ home port. The nuclear aircraft carrier recently returned from 12 days at sea where they conducted fleet replacement squadron carrier qualifications and off-loaded more than 2.5 million pounds of ammunition to another Navy ship.

The sailors were selected by their department heads as recognition for outstanding performance in their duties.

Freedom Alliance staff members Jennifer Ohman and Pepper Ailor welcomed the sailors to the dinner and thanked them on behalf for Freedom Alliance, our supporters, and the American public for their service to our country.

These dinners honor their service of America’s war fighter and provide a boost to the morale of the sailors and families. The dinners are an opportunity for the sailors to spend quality time with their comrades in arms, spouses, and loved ones, but more importantly, remind them that the American people remember and appreciate their efforts.

San Diego Submarine Ball

This month, Navy submariners across country will celebrate the birth of the submarine force 110 years ago. These special sailors often spend months away from their families and live in tight quarters hundreds of feet underwater. Because of the tight quarters, many sleeping berths are rotated between three sailors each day.

Freedom Alliance provided a sponsorship for the 100th Enlisted Submarine Birthday Ball in San Diego which was held on April 17th. In addition, Freedom Alliance provides ongoing support for events and other activities for submariners in San Diego.

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