Front-Row Seats for Marines at Redskins-Cowboys Game

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A frigid late-December night at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, amounted to unrivaled revel for three Marines and a guest thanks to Freedom Alliance.

It was the NFC East division championship game, and the Washington Redskins met their old adversaries the Dallas Cowboys on the field for the Skins’ first playoff appearance in five years.

Redskinsgame2 Sergeant Jeremy, a veteran of four deployments who is being treated for a traumatic brain injury, came with his guest, Amanda. Sergeant Herman, who sustained multiple injuries resulting from an IED blast, attended as well. He was escorted by his best friend and Redskins fanatic, who deployed with Herman and has stayed by his side during his recovery.

“What a great experience that allowed us to once again get together with old and new friends and enjoy an awesome game,” Herman said. “It meant a great deal to us to get these amazing seats and spend some time together outside of the hospital! Thank you, Freedom Alliance!”

The determined efforts of Freedom Alliance secured the tickets and allowed the group to watch from the front row of the thirty-yard line as Robert Griffin III led the Redskins to win the division for the first time in thirteen years!

Freedom Alliance president Tom Kilgannon recapped, “We were pleased to offer these deserving men a break from focusing on their injuries, giving them the opportunity to experience what turned out to be a momentous game and fine occasion for celebration.”

It was indeed a history-making event and a night that these Marines immensely appreciated.

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