Kilgannon Letter: Protect Religious Liberty!

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Freedom Alliance is constantly and relentlessly dedicated to protecting the cause of religious freedom for our soldiers and veterans. In recent years and previous administrations, we have seen a disturbing growth of liberal and atheist activists successfully limiting the rights of our soldiers to freely practice their faith.

You have seen us write on this issue before. As long as religious liberty in the military is being threatened, Freedom Alliance will never halt its efforts. Below, read Freedom Alliance President Tom Kilgannon’s request to House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry to protect the religious liberty of all men and women of faith in the military.

July 7, 2017

The Honorable Mac Thornberry
Chairman, House Armed Services Committee
2208 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Chairman Thornberry:

Earlier this year, we at Freedom Alliance sent you a letter directing your attention to the plight of chaplains in the military, whose right to practice their faith has come under attack. Since then, our concern has only grown; we write to request that the Armed Services Committee hold hearings on the issue of religious liberty in America’s armed forces.

Not only chaplains, but men and women of faith throughout the military have felt this pressure. Service members have faced demotion and discharge for talking about their faith, or simply displaying religious passages on their office walls. Football players and coaches at West Point, due to pressure from atheist activist groups, have been told not to pray. Some chaplains have even been prevented from giving religious invocations at military events, and Bibles have been removed from hospitals, hotels, and other places.

As Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, we ask that you hold hearings into the efforts of previous administrations to restrict the religious liberties of service members. Additionally, we urge the committee to ensure that the young Americans who serve in the Armed Forces both have access to chaplains, and are allowed to practice their faith, as has been the case until recent years. We sincerely appreciate your efforts in this matter.


Thomas P. Kilgannon

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