Military Leadership Academy – Session 1

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The first session of the Freedom Alliance Military Leadership Academy recently kicked off at Fort Pickett in Blackstone, Virginia.  For this first session, over 40 students from all over the country attended the Academy, where they were taught the core military values of Courage, Integrity, Teamwork, Dependability, Responsibility, Selfless Service and Respect.

The mission of the Freedom Alliance Military Leadership Academy is to educate, motivate and inspire young Americans to become positive, productive leaders in their communities and to teach the importance of a physically fit, drug-free lifestyle; the necessity of teamwork and value of service to a cause greater than one’s self.

During this session, the cadets participated in Field Training Exercises, which are the most challenging days of the camp.  They consist of activities and training that most of these young men and women have never experienced, such as Fort Pickett’s MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) village.  The training consisted of learning and practicing military tactics and battle drills.  They were taught everything from the basics of squad movement, how to clear a building, crossing linear danger areas, and the intricacies of searching a vehicle.

After a full day of training, the cadets continued their Field Training Exercises by setting up their patrol base at a wild life preserve owned by Daytona 500 champion Ward Burton, who has set up the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation, which is a partner with the Virginia National Guard at Fort Pickett and hosts events for injured veterans.

The training also consisted of six different courses including clearing a room, movement to contact, and how to knock out a bunker.  After two long days of training, the cadets listened to remarks from Academy instructor LTJG Matt Paul, who spoke and answered numerous questions on Helicopter Aviation in the United States Navy.

The second Military Leadership Academy is underway through August 7th.

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