MLA Cadets Continue Training after Program Ends

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Freedom Alliance and the Military Leadership Academy make it a priority to remain involved in the leadership development of its alumni cadets and instructors long after the program’s conclusion.

“Two weeks of training is simply not enough. The real challenge is whether or not cadets will apply their camp experiences to their everyday lives,” said former MLA instructor Denver Reese.

Before Freedom Alliance begins training our next Military Leadership Academy class we would like to recognize our graduates who have continued to reach personal goals and better their communities although their official training has ended.

Alumni Cadet Benjamin Chayette (class of 2010) is one of our only dual citizenship cadets. Benjamin recently traveled from his home in Paris, France to attend an open house for prospective students at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia. Reese, fellow instructor alumni Sarah Hoover and MLA Director Tim Strickler met Chayette to give him a personal tour of the Military Institute and answer any questions about the rigors of attending VMI and what it means to be a Rat (underclassmen).

“This was such an important trip for us, Ben is more determined than ever and motivated to attend VMI and serve in the US Marines,” said Ben’s mother.

Another example of a cadet who has continued to apply her experiences to her day to day life is Cadet Annie Kauffman. Annie is one of seven MLA cadets conducting holiday care package drives and after coordinating with her classmates she expects to have over 10 packages. Freedom Alliance has also learned that Annie has been successful in her college search and received ROTC scholarships to Ole Miss, Norwich University, University of Idaho, and University of Arizona.

Alumni Cadet Leland Hansen (class of 2010), also conducting a care package drive for service members this holiday season, recently learned that he has been accepted to his top choice college and is interviewing for their ROTC program. “I can’t tell you how often I revert back to experiences and lessons learned in those two weeks,” Hansen wrote to Freedom Alliance.

Instructor Abby Drew (Class of 2010) has continued mentoring cadets since graduation and has provided key guidance and insight to cadets searching colleges and leadership development skills. Instructor Drew has been keeping in touch with Cadet Brandi McCollister and recently reported to Freedom Alliance that Brandi is pursuing enlisting in either the Army or the Air Force and will be taking the Armed Services Vocational Altitude Battery. Brandi is currently a junior in high school and since attending the MLA has been promoted in her JROTC unit to deputy commander of her unit.

“The cadets first earned my respect when they signed up for the program, sacrificing two weeks of their summers to conduct demanding training to become stronger leaders,” said MLA Director Tim Strickler. “Their successes since camp are a product of their tremendous character, hard work, and determination. I am proud that they have continued to distinguish themselves by applying the Academy lessons learned to their everyday lives.”

For nine years, the Freedom Alliance Military Leadership Academy has been teaching America’s youth the necessary steps to lay a solid foundation which they can build upon to become successful adults and a positive influence in their communities.

Our Instructors consist of highly motivated college students seeking leadership experience. Most of the Instructors have military experience, such as ROTC or serving in the Reserves. Past Academy graduates who are enrolled in an ROTC have also served as Instructors.

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