MLA Cadets Excel after Returning from Camp

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Students returning to their hometowns after their Military Leadership Academy training are already excelling in their communities.

The Academy — which prides itself on laying a foundation of knowledge for cadets to develop into strong and confident leaders — has learned that many returning Cadets are now in the process of applying to military colleges like the Virginia Military Institute and West Point.

Cadet Rebecca Kauffman, now in her senior year, has been invited to spend the weekend with the Corps of Cadets at Virginia Tech and is applying for scholarships from both the Air Force and Army ROTC.

“Her friends are in amazement at her drive,” said Cadet Kauffman’s mother. “She just wants to get on with the show, but is anxious as well to fulfill the college dream.”

Cadet Chandler Koury was recently mentioned in one of her hometown newspapers for successfully completing the Academy and MLA Instructors have been providing counsel and guidance for Koury’s college application processes.

Cadet Cody Baker has been elected Platoon Leader of his JROTC squad since he has returned from camp and his MLA evaluations are being passed on for college application processes.

“We are proud of the achievements of our cadets,” said Freedom Alliance President Tom Kilgannon. “We believe that their training at the Military Leadership Academy prepares them to become better leaders in their school, career, and community.”

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