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Home for Justin 1 Justin from Minnesota is a 2006-2008 Iraqi veteran, who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and debilitating migraines as a result of combat. This past Veteran’s Day, Freedom Alliance had the distinct honor of partnering with U.S. Bank and Five Brothers Default Management Solutions to provide Justin with the key to his very own house.

This is one of two residences contributed this year for Freedom Alliance’s Heroes to Homeowners program, which strives to find homes for injured military families. The conviction behind the initiative is that a owning a home can help disabled veterans better make the transition to the civilian lifestyle.

“It means the world,” Justin said about the house, “it really does.”

Being ninety-percent disabled, affording a mortgage is not a possibility. However, thanks to our generous and patriotic donors, today Justin is a proud homeowner and has a newly renovated residence to enjoy with his eight-year-old daughter.

“I’m thoroughly grateful,” he said. “It means more to me that veterans are being recognized.”

The vice chairman of U.S. Bank, Dick Payne, said of Justin, “He has come home, and we’re trying to help him achieve his dreams and get on with a normal life.”

In a moving acceptance speech, Justin said with emotion, “The real heroes aren’t here. They’re dead. I have friends who died. They are heroes.”

Freedom Alliance President Tom Kilgannon was there when Justin was presented with the key to his new house. “We’re very proud,” he said, “to be associated with [U.S. Bank and Five Brothers], giving this home to an American hero.”

Kilgannon explained the benefits of this program: “The Heroes to Homeowners project exists to provide brave men and women with the very best home possible in order for them to live comfortably.”

Although Justin claims he’s not the hero, we think otherwise. In gratitude and recognition of his service and sacrifice, we wish him all the best with this new start on life.

Welcome home, Justin!

Home for Justin 2

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