Night Out for Balboa Hospital Wives

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Freedom Alliance enjoys an ongoing relationship with the families of service members who are patients of the naval hospital at Balboa Park, near San Diego, California. We try especially to include the military spouses as much as possible. These forbearing dears are the backbone of support to our wounded heroes, and on occasion they need (and deserve) a break that is designed just for them.

Nine wives of Balboa came out to Splash, a wine lounge in San Diego’s North Park, to relax and chat with Freedom Alliance.

These women also participate in Freedom Alliance’s newly formed fitness club and this was a main topic that evening. Relating about how much their new workout routine has helped relieve stress and anxiety, the conversation segued into serious matters.

Most of these women are watching their husbands battle cancer — instead of recouping from war-related injuries. When Stefanie shared the story of her husband’s final days, this band of wives turned into a reassuring support group. Paula, whose husband recently received a bone-marrow transplant, was moved to tell about the pressure of his illness and long road of recovery.

It was inspiring to see the women respond intuitively to each other’s pains, fears, and burdens.

After a good amount of laughter and tears, they discussed future activities and experiences they would like to attend together next. In what order and form these events come, we can’t predict. But one thing is for certain: Freedom Alliance will make it happen!

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