Presents for Patriots 2014

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In 22 states across the nation, Freedom Alliance connected grateful patriots to 138 heroes and their families. Nearly 600 individuals were impacted by our Christmas program, Presents for Patriots, this past holiday season. Freedom Alliance allowed donors to personally adopt a military family, fulfilling their wish list, wrapping the gifts, and even sending poignant letters of appreciation and encouragement.

With support from people like you, we brought Christmas joy to service members in military hospitals, such as Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland, Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas, and Balboa Naval Hospital in California. We reached out to families at Fort Riley, Fort Sill, Camp Lejeune, Camp Pendleton, Fort Knox, Fort Campbell, Fort Lewis, and Fort Carson. Furthermore, we included medically retired service members, who are struggling to make ends meet, all over the country.


What started five years ago with 20 families has grown to this immensity. Because there is no better way to thank a veteran than to see their children cared for. And no child of an American hero should feel forgotten at Christmastime.

Sergeant First Class Marcus is a 16-year veteran in the Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) at Fort Carson, Colorado. After Labor Day, he completed a Presents for Patriots application. As life dealt him trial after trial, he didn’t dare to hope that his application had been accepted. Then, after a divorce and two surgeries, facing near financial ruin, Marcus did not know how he was going to buy Christmas presents for his three children.

Then, one day, packages began to arrive. Marcus remembered the paper on which he listed his kids’ favorite toys and said tears came to his eyes. Because of a Freedom Alliance donor, Marcus can “cling to faith in humanity and the power of good… This past holiday season marked the turning point of the worst two years in my life,” and he says it’s thanks to Freedom Alliance that he’s looking up again.

It’s not only Marcus, but hundreds more who share a similar story of being affected by Freedom Alliance’s Presents for Patriots. As you read their accounts, perhaps you will consider adopting a military family-in-need this Christmas.

“There are many organizations around the WTB that strive to assist wounded warriors, but I’m so appreciative of this organization because you recognize the family behind the solider, and realize that the family gives up so much so that their soldier gets the best care possible, even if that means leaving a job, or home. Thank you for helping give my family the best Christmas possible this year. I know that it is one I will never forget.”

—Sergeant Lauren, mother of one in Texas

“To receive something new and not hand-me-downs is a real blessing. Therapy for me is providing nice things for my children…. After last year with my injury, we didn’t get a Christmas. This year, we had one that made up for that!”

—Staff Sergeant Gregory, father of three in Colorado

“I would like to thank you from my part and my brother’s part for all the beautiful things you gave us this Christmas… I hope in the Christmas to come I will be able to do the same thing for another family.”

—Yarielys, daughter of Sergeant Moses in Georgia

“As you know, most times it is difficult for me to be able to provide for my family’s needs, but Christmas was possible thanks to people like you.”

—Staff Sergeant Juan, father of two in Florida

“It is nice to know that someone still cares about our families’ struggles after war… 2015 will really be fresh and healing with such a wonderful Christmas like you provided!”

—Stephanie, wife of Staff Sergeant Caleb and mother of three in Kansas

“Our family has put our future in God’s hands, and I thank you all who are willing to help make my last possible Christmas an amazing one for my kids.”

—Sergeant Ralph, father of four, facing stage-four lung cancer in Kentucky

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