Soldier and Marine Hunt Deer in Texas

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Chris was medically retired from the Army after a rocket-propelled grenade caused him several injuries. He has had facial reconstruction surgery as a result, and since leaving the military, he continues to serve as a member of the Dallas, Texas, police force.

In July, his department tragically lost five officers—Chris’s friends—when a shooter ambushed the police responding to a peaceful protest.

Christian is a tank crewman who served his country by twice deploying to Iraq. After leaving the Marine Corps, he was severely burned in a house fire and lost both his legs.

Freedom Alliance cares deeply for these two servicemen, and we help out when we can. Chris and his family were invited on several Heroes Vacations, and Christian recently received an all-terrain Action Trackchair, which enables him to get around independently in the outdoors.

It was a good thing he had that Trackchair, because friends of Freedom Alliance—Bruce and Kim Krueger—wanted Christian and Chris to attend a deer hunt on their farm in Athens, Texas.

This was the third year in a row that the Kruegers have hosted a Freedom Alliance hunt, and it’s a big deal because most of the land in Texas is privately owned; unless you get invitation, it’s difficult to find an opportunity to hunt.

Chris and Christian both took a buck during their time on the Krueger farm and Freedom Alliance covered the cost of the processing.

Chris appreciated his hosts, saying, “[They] have been amazing this week!” And the sentiment was reciprocated. “We really enjoyed both of the guys,” Bruce said.

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