Trick or Treating for the Troops

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Freedom Alliance recently supplied military families with Halloween costumes and large bags of candy at the Murphy Canyon Chapel Individual Augmentee group in San Diego and the 11th Marine regiment at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California.

There was over 100 costumes for boys and girls of all ages, ranging from Barbie Princess to Dr. Doom and Frankenstein as well as kitty cat and pumpkin costumes for babies.

Several Marines on their own called spouses as not to make the mistake of choosing the wrong super hero or wrong Barbie ensemble. Military moms in the room tended to wide eyed children who were excited and eager to pick out their costume.

Freedom Alliance volunteer, Jen Ohman, received many “thank you’s” and a number of people asked the regiments Family Readiness Officer who was responsible for the donation. “This is great,” said one Marine.

One family drove an hour to Camp Pendleton for the opportunity to pick out a costume.

“We made the families happy but also provided a chance for them to save a little bit of money and escape the hassle of going costume shopping with kids in tow,” said Ohman.

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