Petition to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Professional athletes in the NFL are launching social protests during the National Anthem. They did so during the 15th anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, and again while terrorists attacked our fellow citizens in New Jersey, New York and Minnesota.

Freedom Alliance has launched a national campaign to convince the NFL Commissioner to end these anti-American protests. Please add your name on this petition to Roger Goodell of the National Football League. He has the authority to put an end to these protests and we are asking him to do so. Thank you for your support.

Petition to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell:
Stop Anti-American Protests

Dear Commissioner Goodell,

Please put an end to anti-American protests during the National Anthem at NFL games. Please inform all players, coaches and personnel that, as a matter of courtesy to our military and veterans, these protests by representatives of the National Football League will not be tolerated.

Your immediate action is justified because:

  1. Anti-American protests are being waged by players wearing NFL uniforms during NFL games. Their behavior reflects poorly on the entire League.
  1. Military personnel are invited by the NFL to enhance the game day experience and then subjected to demonstrations against the country for which they sacrifice.
  1. NFL rules prohibit “insulting language or gestures at opponents, game officials, or representatives of the League.” That should apply to our military, veterans and patriotic fans as well.

I join Freedom Alliance in urging you to use your authority as Commissioner to put an end to anti-American protests during the National Anthem at NFL games. Thank you.

YES, I want to add my name to Freedom Alliance’s petition to Roger Goodell and the NFL.

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