Smith Mountain Lake Activities for Injured Service Members

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May 07, 2012 – SMITH MOUNTAIN LAKE, VA – Freedom Alliance is set to host another “Salute to Our Heroes” retreat May 23-26. This is the second consecutive year that the retreat will be held at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. Approximately 15-20 of our nation’s injured service members will enjoy a few days of adventurous outdoor sports and other therapeutic and relaxing activities.

The Smith Mountain Lake retreat includes a range of outdoor activities such as archery, fishing and shooting. “These retreats allow us to honor and serve America’s injured service members,” said Calvin Coolidge, Executive Director of Freedom Alliance. “We provide these service members with outdoor ventures they will treasure for a long time.” The retreat helps injured service members build friendships and memorable experiences with others who have been through similar service connected serious injuries.

Erik Stolhanske, a noted writer, producer, actor and member of the comedy group “Broken Lizard,” will provide motivational encouragement during the four-day retreat. Stolhanske, who appeared in “Super Troopers,” “Club Dreadand “Puddle Cruiser,” will entertain the injured service members with his motivational rendition of “Irrational Determination and Foolish Perseverance.”

Local organizations joined Freedom Alliance to help make this retreat a wonderful getaway for our injured service members. The fishing supplies and equipment is provided by the Smith Mountain Lake Stripers Club, the shooting equipment by the Smith Mountain Lake Pistol Shooting Association and archery by Kip West Outdoors and a local archery club.

“It is an honor to provide our services to the men and women who have selflessly served our nation,” said Peter Fisette, President of Smith Mountain Lake Pistol Shooting Association. “We will ensure these four days of fun and excitement won’t be soon forgotten.”

Please contact Freedom Alliance at 800.475.6620 if you would like to assist in helping us honor these brave service members.

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