Scholarship Student Outreach Program

Cultivating Authentic Relationships with and Providing Support to our Students

Becoming a Freedom Alliance Scholar is much more than receiving a traditional scholarship.  At Freedom Alliance, we focus on building strong relationships with our scholars and supporting their educational journey throughout and beyond their college years. Our Student Outreach Program provides scholars with a wide range of support, including but not limited to:

  • Access to our monthly newsletter with essential and useful information
  • Birthday and Christmas cards with a gift
  • A graduation gift upon completing their degree
  • Spring final exams care packages
  • Invitations to Freedom Alliance’s national and regional sponsored events
  • Check-ins during natural disasters
  • Mentorship programs and counseling services
  • And so much more!

Activities and Events

At Freedom Alliance, our scholars have the opportunity to build unique bonds with other students who, like them, have experienced the loss of a loved one serving in uniform.  Freedom Alliance and our allies host events across the United States that allow our scholars to gather and share their stories with each other.  These events include our annual Student Retreat in Washington, DC, which brings together a select group of Gold Star students to participate in team building activities, allowing them to form a unique community and build strong, potentially long-lasting emotional support networks.  In addition, Freedom Alliance also encourages our students to make and maintain these connections through participation in Freedom Alliance events.

These events also provide our students the unique chance to network with influential business and community leaders from across the country, connections that can potentially help in their future careers.

Leadership Council

Members of the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund Leadership Counsel are well-rounded students who are top performers and are willing to work with our staff, their peers, and our supporters to improve our organization’s outreach to students and supporters.

These students represent Freedom Alliance and their fellow scholarship recipients to other stakeholders and attend major Freedom Alliance events. In addition, students on the council also serve as mentors to their peers and provide valuable feedback to the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Team. The council formally meets once a year to bring new ideas and perspective, which help plan and guide our outreach program to best fit the needs of our scholars.

Scholarship Ambassador

2020 Scholarship Ambassador Julia Morris

Each year, one student is chosen from hundreds of scholarship recipients to serve a semester as the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Ambassador. These Scholarship Ambassadors help administer the Scholarship Fund, work with fellow recipients, and share their stories with community groups and supporters across the nation. They also serve as the chair of our Leadership Counsel. Our 2020 Scholarship Ambassador is Ms. Julia Morris, a recent graduate of Virginia Tech. [Learn More About Julia]

Mentorship and Guidance

Freedom Alliance’s Scholarship Student Outreach program helps us establish authentic relationships with our scholarship recipients. We are able to help guide them through the increasingly complex network of higher education.


Our engagement with our students doesn’t end when they graduate. We’re exceptionally proud of all our Alumni.

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