Huntington Beach House Donated for Retired Soldier

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A luxurious Huntington Beach home with a palm-tree shaded patio and view of the ocean was donated so that Freedom Alliance could give a commendable hero a seaside vacation.

We chose Master Sergeant David, who is recently retired from the Army. After 15 years of active duty and more than 10 years in the National Guard and Reserves, David has survived multiple tours of combat, coming away with a traumatic brain injury, back and knee problems, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The brain injury makes it difficult for him to read and focus, and he suffers issues with balance, migraines, and sleep.

He and his wife, Karen, have two adult children. While Anthony and Heidi were growing up, David was being deployed—for a total of five years—to Africa, the Philippines, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Having spent two years recovering in the Fort Carson Warrior Transition Battalion in Colorado, today David is a middle-school teacher. Karen is proud of her husband’s service and so happy to have had time to spend with him at the beach.

The couple is from California originally but moved to Utah nearly 30 years ago. So upon arriving in Orange County, their social calendar filled up quickly, for seeing old friends and family.

Freedom Alliance pitched in a $500 gift card to help cover food and travel expenses, and Karen and David were off to enjoy their beautiful vacation home with all the perks, walks on the beach, and trips to Trader Joe’s.

“Thank you so much,” the couple repeated. “This trip is simply amazing.”

Thank you for your service. You guys deserve it!

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