Orlando Vacation to Counter Hospital Stays

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A concerned wife called Freedom Alliance about her husband, wounded veteran Curtis, who has had a tough year. Dorothy told us that Curtis has been in and out of in-patient treatment for emotional trauma and stress as a result of combat.

He needed a break, and needed it quick.

Fortunately, we could help.

A Freedom Alliance donor had given us some hotel nights, and Veterans Airlift Command (VAC) allowed us to fly the family of five to Florida. (The VAC provides free national flights for post-9/11 combat-injured service members for curative purposes.)

Last month, Curtis and Dorothy and their three kids were able to take a Poppy’s Wish Heroes Vacation in Orlando, exploring Disney World and other nearby attractions.

“That vacation to Florida was definitely needed for our family, and the memories we made were priceless,” Dorothy said.

Poppy’s Wish is a way we can support our military by arranging and funding vacations for service members who desperately need a getaway.

When Freedom Alliance supporter Jill Atterbury gave an endowment to our organization, she named the gift “Poppy’s Wish,” after her father, Malcom—the beloved actor and her “Poppy.”

Now, through donations made by other patriotic Americans, we can send our heroes on Poppy’s Wish Vacations to restore their hope, celebrate their victories, and honor their military service.

We are pleased to have been able to offer this trip to Curtis and his family and wish him the best in his recovery.

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