Soldier’s Faith Recovery Week at Ranch

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Freedom Alliance connected donors and volunteers to provide a family getaway for an exceptional service member, who is recovering from a near-mortal combat wound.


Sergeant Paul served as a tank commander during intense combat operations in Afghanistan. During a fire fight, a bullet ripped into the back of his ear, tore through his sinuses, and exited his eye.


It’s been a long course of rehabilitation as Paul fought to survive the ordeal and return to some kind of normalcy. In addition to a physical injury, there is also debilitating stress that comes along when someone—even a soldier—experiences this kind of trauma.


Freedom Alliance recognized the need to allow Paul some carefree fun with his kids, 14-year-old Garrett and 10-year-old Ada, and Waunita Hot Springs Ranch offered the fix.


The ranch, which is near Gunnison, Colorado, was the site of a special faith week, which featured speaker and pastor Scotty Vaughn and musical guests, the English Brothers.


Vaughn was the leading entertainer and emcee at Colorado’s Flying W Ranch for many years; he is currently the president of Colorado Cowboys for Jesus and founder of a men’s outreach ministry called “Cowboy Up!”


Providing the musical entertainment, Wes, Ray, and Gerald English, brothers and native Texans, have been performing acoustic cowboy music together since the 1970s.


The spiritual teachings and worship concerts accented the rugged beauty of the Colorado wilderness and the outdoor activities offered by Waunita Hot Springs Ranch.


“It was the time of my life,” Paul said of his “Faith Wrangling” week.


He and his children connected by enjoying horseback riding, kayaking, white-water rafting, hiking, and fishing, among other recreation. They were treated to attractive and comfortable lodgings, delicious home-cooked meals, beautiful scenery, and plenty of restful downtime.


All this made their summer an unforgettable adventure for Paul and his family—a fitting way to honor his service and celebrate a happy outcome after a very difficult time.

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