Three Heroes Vacations

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Donors David Russi and Michael Paul gifted timeshares this September to allow three military families to benefit from a Freedom Alliance Heroes Vacation. We threw in a $500 gift card for each family to cover expenses during the week and wished them much-needed rest and recreation.

The first family vacationed in Williamsburg, Virginia. Beth is the case manager for Major Anderson, who is currently recovering at the Richmond Polytrauma VA hospital. Anderson suffers from severe PTSD, including paranoia, social anxiety, delusions, and major depressive disorder. Beth was excited for her soldier and his family, saying, “This would be a huge therapeutic opportunity” and a chance to ease his symptoms.

“We had a great vacation,” Anderson exclaimed. “The kids had a wonderful time. They, of course, enjoyed playing in the pool and just being somewhere new and different. That was our first time in Williamsburg…. It’s a beautiful part of Virginia, and not too far from home.”

Another couple headed to the Americano Beach Lodge and Resort in Daytona, Florida. Staff Sergeant Gaylin is a member of the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Jackson. Taking care of wounded service members full time, Gaylin was appreciative for his time of renewal. By week’s end, he was reenergized and ready to get back to serve his soldiers.

Gaylin underwent knee surgery just before the vacation, and he used the time off for physical recovery. The week also happened to fall during his anniversary, so he and his wife left the children at home to celebrate a second honeymoon together. It was perfect timing in all regards.

Gaylin and his wife, DeAmbra, are both soldiers and have been unable to take much leave, “because of our jobs and operational tempo.”

Gaylin said he couldn’t imagine a better vacation. “My wife and I took some much-needed time away from work (and the kids) and spent the week together in wonderful, sunny Florida. The hotel was great, the staff was amazing, and the beach was very nice! I couldn’t get in the water, but I did get some good sun and relaxation after surgery. It was a great way to take a break, put up my knee, and relax.”

Cory and Danielle and their three handsome boys took a week in St. Augustine, Florida, to recuperate from health complications. Cory, a disabled Marine veteran, deals with PTSD, TBI, and back problems. Danielle’s health has declined as well, being responsible for the care of her husband and their sons. She suffered a seizure prior to the vacation and ended up in the hospital. Fortunately, she was released in time for St. Augustine, and the family was able to leave their everyday stress behind for a while.

Along with our contributors, the team at Freedom Alliance was delighted offer these three deserving, diligent families a break from the pressures of military life and rehabilitation.

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