Hwasong-12: Security and International Concerns

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On May 15th, Reuters reported that the North Korean government has taken significant steps towards the development of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM): The test firing of the strategic ballistic Hwasong-12 represented a “level of performance never before seen from a North Korean missile.”

Though experts calculate that Hwasong-12 would have a maximum firing range of only 2,500 miles (about 2,000 miles short of the distance required to endanger U.S. homeland), many still see this as a cause for concern.

In response to North Korea’s missile test, the U.S. held a test of its own: On May 31st, the U.S. launched an ICBM from the Marshall Islands, and successfully knocked it out of the sky with its military missile defense shield.

This sort of testing is vital to protecting the United States: Watch as Lt. Col. Oliver North explains how a successful North Korean ICBM launch could significantly compromise U.S. national security interests.

Freedom Alliance supports the continued vigilance of the Pentagon in developing and modernizing our national missile defense systems, especially against an aggressive Pyongyang.

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