10 Struggling Nations Cover 76% of UN Renovation

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The United Nations is in the middle of a massive and expensive renovation of its riverside Headquarters complex on New York City’s east side. The initial estimated cost was about $1 billion, but now U.N. officials are trying to keep costs under $2 billion. As usual, the cost is not being spread evenly among the 192 Member Nations; and the United States is the largest contributor (22% plus an extra $100 million), with Japan second (16.6%); and just 10 nations are covering 76% of the total cost. As far as its own self-interest, the U.N. seems blind to the multiple economic and financial crises affecting nations, regions, and the entire world that started in 1997. The first renovation plans were drawn up after the Asian financial crisis; and construction began in late 2008, more than a year into the European financial crisis, and after the United States was officially in recession. While countless Americans struggle to make ends meet each month, the Obama Administration and Congress outspend tax revenues by $1.4 trillion a year, including by faithfully supporting the U.N. with more than $6.3 billion each year. Was the renovation necessary? Yes, but not urgent, and certainly not wise at this time. While most of the top contributing nations struggle to survive financially, every one of them has paid their share of the U.N. renovation bill in full to date. The commitments of national governments to the U.N. appears far stronger than their commitments to their own people and nations.

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