Freedom Alliance Supports Special Operators in Warrior Games

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The Warrior Games, part of the U.S. Paralympics, is a competition for wounded, ill, and injured service members (active and retired) in all branches of the military. It is held annually in Colorado Springs, at the Olympic Training Center and other sites, such as Fort Carson and the Air Force Academy.


Seven sports events on the schedule consist of wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, cycling, swimming, track and field, archery, and shooting.


This past year, more than 200 veterans competed, and Freedom Alliance paid to lodge three athletes from the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM).


We partnered with the SOCOM Care Coalition, to sponsor these warriors; the Care Coalition supports Special Operations service members and family in need by working with organizations such as Freedom Alliance.


The athletes who benefitted from Freedom Alliance are Corporal Justin, Corporal Renee, and Senior Airman Kendell.


A Marine on his third overseas combat tour, Justin lost both legs above the knee when his vehicle was hit by an explosion. The corporal took the gold in handcycling (class 5).


Marine Corporal Renee competed in the sitting volleyball games. Renee suffers from combat-induced stress and a mass of other health issues.


Kendell was assigned to the Air Force 17th Special Operations Squadron in Okinawa, Japan, and was injured in an aircraft accident. He won the bronze medal in relay and a gold in the 440-meter race.


It was an honor to collaborate with the Special Ops Care Coalition and play a small part in these athletes’ endeavors. When we support and encourage service members who compete in the Warrior Games, no matter what the outcome of the competition, the final result is a triumph.

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