Sailors Enjoy a Great Meal in Honor of their Service

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On May 14th, Freedom Alliance hosted a Troop Appreciation Dinner for 48 Sailors and their families from Naval Air Station (NAS) Lemoore, California.  The dinner was held at The Vineyard Inn, a popular local restaurant. NAS Lemoore is the Navy’s largest master jet air station.

Petty Officer Winters, a sailor who attended the dinner, said, “This was the best. I have been in the service for 10 years and never been invited to anything like this. This was such an honor to attend this dinner. I’m extremely happy that people still support the Navy. I’m grateful for all the support.”

Many of the sailors were glad to be reminded how much Americans appreciate their service, with one saying, “Tonight was great. Military members don’t feel appreciated or supported all the time, having this event for us was a reminder that there still is support and only reinforces the pride I have in serving my country. Thank you.”

Another Sailor, Petty Officer Shields, saw the dinner as a way to meet new people outside of work, remarking that, “I think this supper was a great surprise. It’s new to have a Navy related event that is just about relaxing and meeting new people. I appreciated this night and I know any other person in my Command would love this as much as I did. Thank you again and God bless.”

Freedom Alliance’s Troop Appreciation Events are just one componet of our support for the troops. So far this year we have shipped more than 1,200 “Gifts from Home” care packages to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and we are accepting applications to provide college scholarships for the sons and daughters of American heroes.

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