Texas de Brazil Gives to Freedom Alliance

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TdB 2015_3 Texas de Brazil, a Brazilian-American steakhouse restaurant chain, has kindly donated to Freedom Alliance so that we can host monthly troop appreciation dinners at any of their 37 restaurants around the country.


Called a “churrascaria” in Brazil, the steakhouse features more than 50 items in its seasonal salad bar; all-you-can-eat meats, which are roasted over an open-flame grill; and desserts, such as crème brûlée and bananas foster pie.


We are pleased to share this exceptional dining experience with veterans and active-duty members of our Armed Forces, and we have recently taken advantage of the offer in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; Fairfax, Virginia; and Fort Worth, Texas.


Nick, a retired Marine Special Operator, who hosted a meal in Florida for other vets and their spouses, wrote, “The food was delicious and everyone had a blast … thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of that.”


Nick appreciated not only that he and his military buddies could spend time together, but that their wives, who had only met for the first time, have begun to do other things together.


Freedom Alliance will be hosting more of these dinners during the year—a fantastic way for us to connect to the people we serve, making sure that all our heroes and their families know they are appreciated.


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