Customized Wheelchairs for Wounded Troops

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Freedom Alliance improves mobility for amputees and paralyzed veterans with the gift of all-terrain wheelchairs.

The chairs are customized to each service member’s needs and outfitted for comfort. Features can include a gun rack, fishing pole insert, a cooler mount, and more. Chairs include a trailer bed for vehicle transport.

The Need:

  • More than 1,500 service members have suffered a major limb amputation and more than 80 percent of those have lost one or both legs.
  • Independence and freedom of mobility are keys to a successful rehabilitation.
  • Troops who love the outdoors deserve the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature without having to rely on others.

Freedom Alliance has changed the lives of dozens of service members with these chairs. We have increased their independence and reduced their reliance on others.


How Freedom Alliance Impacts our Troops

LJ Planer uses his Freedom Alliance provided Trackchair to enjoy hunting again. SFC L.J. Planer served 24 years in the Army as an Airborne Ranger. He was in the infantry until the deployment that ended his career. In November 2012, he was deployed with a Special Operations unit in Afghanistan when his plane was shot down. He survived, but with many injuries. Two vertebrae were crushed, his back and shoulder were severely injured and he is now continually numb. He has a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that caused him to temporarily go blind and he has significant hearing loss. His eye sight has since returned, but his knee was crushed in the accident and he never regained full mobility.

L.J. is an avid outdoors sportsman. Activities like hunting and fishing help him relax. His friends are very supportive, but he is hesitant to ask for help. That’s why he loves the independence of his Trackchair. After he received it from Freedom Alliance, he told us, thank you for giving me my life back.” 

Help provide deserving veterans with customized wheelchairs

Your support will help disabled veterans return to the great outdoors and negotiate any obstacle in their way.

Matt Amos negotiates an obstacle after receiving a trackchair from Freedom Alliance.
Trackchairs are used for hunting, fishing, beach access and other outdoor activities. The chairs can navigate nearly any terrain to include sand, mud, gravel, inclines, heavy brush and more.
Zoomchairs are light and easy-to-maneuver vehicles that traverse sand, snow or mud. They are made for everyday use and help wounded troops accomplish daily tasks.
John Moore receives a trackchair from Freedom Alliance.
Army Sgt. John Moore is presented a Trackchair by Freedom Alliance founder and honorary chairman Oliver North during the Annual CPAC conference.
Jeramie Green and his family during his trackchair presentation.
Jeramie Green with Freedom Alliance President Tom Kilgannon on the day he was presented with his new trackchair.
Kevin Hanrahan tries out his new trackchair.
Kevin Hanrahan tries out his new trackchair.

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