Outdoor Adventures

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Outdoor Adventures provide wounded troops with recreational therapy that improves their rehabilitation.

Our troops were wounded in the most violent places on earth. Freedom Alliance takes them to the most beautiful and peaceful settings to help them heal.

Traumatic Brain Injury & Post-Traumatic Stress are the most common war injuries inflicted upon this generation of combat veterans.  

America’s heroes carry these wounds of war for years after they return home. Too often they cause our troops marriage problems, depression, anxiety, or the inability to hold a full-time job.

Medical professionals – and more importantly, the troops themselves – tell us the Great Outdoors is the best medication in treating the lingering wounds of war. 

We give veterans opportunities for peer-to-peer counseling and mentorship from people they trust. Quality time in a positive environment with supportive friends is essential for their well-being and recovery and the solitude of nature provides the perfect setting.

How Freedom Alliance Impacts Military Families

Matt & Bonnie Lutynski with LtCol Oliver North aboard the Freedom Cruise Matt Lutynski is a 17-year Air Force veteran who spent nearly 10 years overseas. He is 100 percent disabled, and walks with a cane, and will soon be confined to a wheelchair. Matt joined us for a fishing weekend we hosted. It was his first experience, but since then he and his family have participated in many Freedom Alliance programs. One day, a note from Matt arrived in the mail with this message:

 “You have no idea what Freedom Alliance has done for me. I can – with all honesty and seriousness – say that Freedom Alliance has saved my life and also my marriage… I feel that I owe you everything for what you have done for me.”
-Matt Lutynski, USAF (Ret.)



“They really push us to strive and be better. It’s amazing, everyone has everyone else’s six. We take care of each other. I’ve met so many people in this community that genuinely care about veterans here. They show that you are part of their family and they are never going to stop.”
– Sean Simmons, a medically retired U.S. Marine

“If I didn’t have things like this, have friends with similar experiences… I probably wouldn’t be here. So, trips like this are outstanding.”
– Dan Frawley, a wounded U.S. Marine

“I go to 2 or 3 events a year through Freedom Alliance — they are what keep me going all year… it’s therapeutic.”
– Jeremiah “Doc” Harrold, a combat wounded U.S. Navy Corpsman 

Freedom Alliance is helping our troops and veterans recover from their terrible wounds.

Your support will allow us to continue making a difference in the lives of our brave war fighters. Please donate today.

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