Eight Vets Hunt Deer with N.C. Hunt Club

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The Big Rack Trophy Club of Littleton, North Carolina, helped Freedom Alliance last month host a three-day deer hunt in their neck of the woods. We had active-duty and retired veterans from recent conflicts, as well as one who served in Vietnam, for a total of eight servicemen.

The owner of the hunt club, Greg Quiel has been doing these hunts with us for five years, and he’s also donated memberships to Big Rack Trophy Club to military service members.

The other members of the club pitch in on the Freedom Alliance events too, providing food and assisting the veterans to ensure a successful hunt.

Big Rack Trophy Club welcomed several Marines to Littleton, including one who flies helicopters and another who serves with the Raider Battalions at Camp Lejeune. We had a veteran who deployed overseas four times and one who spent a total of 18 years in service for our country.

Two of our Marines are lucky to be alive today after explosions in combat situations that have caused enduring physical trauma. Nevertheless, they, as many veterans are, were eager to participate in the hunt.

By the end of the weekend, eight deer were taken. One of the vets had experience harvesting meat, and he processed the game so that his fellow hunters could take it home. So not only did the servicemen enjoy a fun couple of days, but they furthermore provided future meals for their families.

There will be more hunts like this as we continue our relationship with Greg Quiel and the Big Rack Trophy Club.

“We look forward to our next hunt with Freedom Alliance,” Greg said, and we know the veterans we serve do too.

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