Driven to Serve

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Freedom Alliance awards payment-free vehicles to combat wounded service members.

The goal of our Driven to Serve program is to provide a newer vehicle, with low miles, to our service members in need of a vehicle to assist them in transportation to medical appointments, for use in employment and finding employment, and improving quality of life while providing a cost-free means of transportation.

How Freedom Alliance Impacts our Troops

Stephanie Vazquez joined the Army in 2005, and on an early-morning mission in 2011, her unit was awaiting a helicopter pick-up when the Taliban launched an attack. As the soldiers battled their way out, Vazquez suffered a traumatic leg injury.

She went through numerous surgeries to restore the leg, but ultimately the damage required amputation in 2017.

Stephanie said, “God could not have arranged a more perfect time to receive this car. I can’t put it into words how much this means. The car is such an immense help and is truly a blessing.”

Here’s how the program has impacted other veterans:

“My family and I are incredibly blessed and thankful for this vehicle. Having another mode of transportation relieves a tremendous burden. It will help to alleviate the day-to-day stress of coordinating our lives, appointments, work, school, and family schedules, especially as our children get older and become more active.” Army Staff Sergeant Venasio Sele

“It’s difficult for me to express how much Freedom Alliance has helped our family.  Our old car needed major repairs and could not accommodate our large family, and you changed our lives with this beautiful minivan. Thank you so much for not only what you have done for our family but for other military families as well.  You continue to change people’s lives and we are forever grateful.”  Army Sergeant Michael Burroughs

Having the use of another car will help build confidence so I can drive to the store or my appointments rather than having to rely on someone else to take me there.” Army Specialist Thomas Travis

Freedom Alliance is helping our troops and veterans recover from their terrible wounds.

Your support will allow us to continue making a difference in the lives of our brave war fighters. Please donate today.

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